*All products are currently available in both white and wheat, fully baked and brown and serve.

French Bread

ProductCase CountPacks Per Case
24" Poboy168
22" Poboy168
21" Poboy168
18" Twin French3216
17" French1616
17" Garlic Bread1616
12" Poboy408
11" Poboy408
10" Poboy408
9" Poboy5010
8" Poboy6010
7" Hot Dog7212
6" Poboy6010
5" Frog7212
3" Pistolette (Dinner Roll)14412
4.5" French Bread Hamburger9612
5" Muffuletta4812
9" Muffuletta2412
Cocktail Muffuletta28812
Small Boule (5oz)4010
Large Boule (7oz)2412
Italian Twist1616
Bread Sticks14412

Claire's Rolls

"Claire's rolls are a slightly sweet, soft roll, which are great for banquet functions, parties, and carving stations"
4" Hamburger9612
Yeast Roll14412

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